WordPress Deals Archive

Gorilla Themes $20 Off Coupon Code – May 2009

Gorilla Themes is celebrating American Memorial Day weekend by offering $20 off any Gorilla Theme.  Just enter “TwentyMonkeys” at tcheckount and you will see $20 taken off the price.

WooThemes – 2 for 1 Permanent Sale

WooThemes, creator of some of the most popular premium WordPress theme now has a permanent 2-for-1 offer.  Buy one theme get another theme absolutely free.  Occassionally they have 4-for-1 theme but usually the sale only last for few hours.  Subscribe to our RSS to get the latest deals.

GabFire Themes – 2 for 1 Sale

Gabfire Theme, the designer of many of the best WordPress themes has created 2 themes for the price of 1 theme.  The deal is ongoing but can be stopped anytime.  Now is a great time to get one of the best themes on the market.

WooThemes – 4 for 1 Sales – Dec 2008

WooThemes is offering 4 themes for the price of 1 theme.  Price is only good until Dec 24, 2008.  So hurry up and grab your themes before they pull the Plug.  Currently there are 20 elegant WordPress themes to choose from.  My favorites are Busy Bee, Gotham, Overeasy and